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Laptop News for Year 7 - 2022

Bracken Ridge SHS Laptop Resource Scheme invitation

To parents/guardians of Year 6 students considering your choice of High Schools for 2022.

We have been running a very successful Laptop Resource Scheme for 3 years for Years 10-12 here at BRSHS. Now in our 4th year with average of 95% uptake from all families.

We will be extending this Scheme to Year 7-9 with an initial 2022 rollout starting with the Year 7s.

​Order forms, Handbook and Charter and further information for the Year 7 scheme will be available in Enrolment packs or from the office and for downloading here.


Ordering has now been placed for those who have replied with EOI forms or both Yr7 and Yr10 - 2022. 

The order forms have now been updated with the Final Pricing and device information. There is no requirement to send another Order Form in, pricing updates will be for your information and new enrolments.

​Please continue to complete Order Forms and send in or hand into office, note however late forms may occur a wait in 1st term before we can supply a laptop. 

We want all students to have their laptops asap, so please do not delay with your order forms. 

Laptop Resource Scheme Information

In 2018, the school introduced a School Owned / Parent Paid Take Home Laptop Resource Scheme for Year 10 students with payment options over the program period of 3 years. We aim to keep the total cost below $1,000 with view to buy at the end of the 3 year period.

Full details are in the Handbook and Charter, The Product Info contains the 2021 Acer SPIN B311 laptop specs and full cost over 3 years and an Order Form is also available to the right.

2022 devices have now been purchased, see updated pricing on the order forms attached here. 

Please complete Order Forms for ordering purposes & return ASAP to be included in next years order. This is very important as there is likely to be supply shortage and delays due to Covid restrictions on products from overseas. 

For the past two years the program has been running successfully with 98% take-up of families purchasing the laptops for student take-home and classroom use. Feedback from Teachers, Parents/Caregivers and Students for the last 2 years of rollout has been positive.

Students and parents/caregivers are asked to lend their continued support to this very valuable and innovative program for Year 10 intakes in 2021. Strong support from parents and caregivers is paramount to ensure the program is successful and that students gain the maximum benefit.

The goal for the scheme is to provide technology options that are affordable to families while, at the same time, meeting the needs of our staff, students and school.
·         Laptops and Desktops are widely used in the school currently to assist in student learning. Our curriculum is fast moving to an E-Learning style and we wish to ensure the highest delivery options and service to our students.
·         Online Learning environments are being established to offer access to learning 24/7, 365 days/yr.

  • Environments emerging with anytime access include but are not limited to –
    • Blackboard e-Learning
    • Clickview Online
    • OneNote Classroom
    • OneDrive
    • Excel Online
    • Word Online
    • Powerpoint Online

This scheme only supports school owned devices, being provided to students for educational use at school and at home. In order to maintain the security of Department of Education and Training (DET's) network and supported Managed Operating Environment (MOE), privately-owned devices cannot be connected to the network.

The Take-Home Handbook and Charter and other Laptop Order Forms are available from the School Administration during office hours or to the right ready for download.

Program contacts

Program Information - Head of IT Department
Phone: (07) 3869 7207

Finance Enquiries - Business Manager
Phone: (07) 3869 7222

Technical Issues - Systems Administrator

Phone: (07) 3869 7205

Last reviewed 20 October 2021
Last updated 20 October 2021