​​​Bracken Ridge State High School has a vibrant sports program, as well as a strong intra- House and year level competitions held during lunch breaks.  We encourage all students to participate in these sporting events with our objective to instil a love of sport in all students, whilst developing a lifelong focus on their health and fitness.

Interschool sport

Bracken Ridge State High School is proud of the achievement of our students in the field of sport. Our Sports Program is second to none, with cutting edge programs in skill development, recreational sport, inter-school sport and district representation for all year levels.

Our sport program focuses not only on the development of confident and effective concepts and skills of physical activity but also on participation and enhancing personal development, identities and relationships. 

Bracken Ridge State High School’s Sports Program is designed to promote student development and  understanding of sport by:

  • creating and performing skills which reflect student ability
  • enhancing positive sporting behaviours
  • identifying ways of responding to sporting  situations and behaviours
  • demonstrating specialised skills in chosen sports
  • becoming an active sport participant
  • demonstrating interpersonal skills of communication, cooperation in social, team or group situations.

The Sports Program is divided into two: a Junior Secondary Program and a Senior Secondary Program. Both competitions are divided into Summer, Winter and Recreational Rounds offering a variety of sport selections. 

Interschool sports such as:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Touch football
  • European Handball
  • Oztag
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby league

are offered in the summer and winter seasons. Students are able to compete in these teams against other schools in our district.

Junior secondary sport

The Junior Program is designed for Year 7, 8 and 9 students and introduces them to the fundamentals of sport participation, skills and behaviours. Students will complete in school teams, district and/or regional teams.

Year 7, 8 and 9 students compete on Tuesday afternoons against all high schools within our district (Central District).

Senior secondary sport

The Senior Secondary Program is designed for Years 10 to 11 students and promotes sporting pursuits either in school teams, district and regional teams or recreational activities. 

Bracken Ridge has had many successful teams become district premiers. We are proud to announce that we have had many successful teams become district champions  (Girls Softball, Girls Soccer, Girls Oztag and Boys Oztag).

Interhouse Sport

The highlights of our sport calendar are the:

  • Swimming Carnival: held at Sandgate Pool with an early start and finish to ensure students and staff are not exposed to excessive UV rays.

  • Cross Country Carnival: Bracken Ridge is fortunate in having the local reserve close at hand to use for our carnival.

  • Athletics Carnival: held over 1.5 days are carnival is alive with student and staff participation.

The casual feel of the days combined with the amazing participation rate makes our carnivals the most successful in the district. 

On these days students participate with pride and this is illustrated in the colourful array of House colours and continuous support from spectators. It is compulsory for all students to attend these carnivals.

District, Regional and National sporting trials

Bracken Ridge students have the opportunity to trial in selected sports to represent our district, Metropolitan North and Queensland. Students are able to nominate for these trials and once selected in the team/squad, students represent Metropolitan North in the State Championships. Despite its small size, Bracken Ridge has fostered a number of regional, state and Australian sporting representatives as well as successful district teams.

Last reviewed 30 August 2022
Last updated 30 August 2022