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Cultural Champions News

Our First Nations Education Facilitators have worked tirelessly to ensure compliance with the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), that was created last year. Listed are a few highlights, with opportunities in Term 4 to gather and celebrate the remarkable progress that has been made with this group.

Historical Glimpse of Action:

  • Key First Nations Australians staff employed Ms Tesha Cox, Aunty Di Price, Auntie Jennie

  • Resource Centre Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artefacts displayed

  • Collaboration of Community Artwork with Shannon Brett - displayed in MPSC

  • National Apology and the DoE Commitment to First Nations People in foyer of school

  • NAIDOC Week celebrations; Artwork displayed in A block conference room

  • Tea with Aunties each semester

  • Key stakeholder First Nations Peoples Education Committee


Mar: Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Committee formation; families, staff and community invited

Apr: RAP Committee met - 13 interested members including community, parents and staff

May: Sorry Day – Principal read the National Apology over PA to all form classes Jul, Sep: RAP drafted and formalised; initiatives included into school calendar; FNEF action group draft recognising success cultural safety program for students/ draft badge designs

Oct: Senior Graduation Ceremony showcased smoking ceremony and didgeridoo player; Formed FNEF - (First Nations Education Facilitators) group; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to develop BRSHS Living Cultural program and activities in school year; BRSHS Living Deadly Mob Yarn – 66 students and family members gather and yarn about mob and country connections; aim for a mob yarn each term to build cultural identity.

Nov: RAP Working Document Launched and ratified by Reconciliation Australia with school council, families, students and staff invited; Welcome to Turrbul​ country sign displayed in every class; Acknowledgement of Country wording included in student planner and on school website/stationery; Developed working relationships with Zillmere Kurbingui organisation to enrich school program with additional support and community elders.


Feb: Leadership Induction Ceremony – Welcome to Country by Uncle Alex;

Mar: FNEF and Wellbeing Team collaboration; QATSIF student scholarships application

May: 26th Sorry Day whole school assembly, Family Story led by Ms Tesha Cox; National Reconciliation Week activities and whole school involvement; First Nations Australiana Spice Markets (First Nations Australians Food HPJ event), Uncle Alex and Kurbingui guests attend event

Jun: Staff professional development training – Crossing cultures workshop;

Jul: NAIDOC Week activities and whole school involvement; Purchase of new library, wellbeing and teaching resources;

Aug: Student success program highlighted to Leadership Team; Student badges finalised

Sep: Cultural Capability Training professional development, Sharon Davies – Black Card Capability Training & State Library Family Histories Unit PD

Oct: Cultural Champions newsletter included on school website to share First Nations Australians Education news and the schools reconciliation progress; First Nations Peoples Education survey – students, parents, staff; Fo​​rmal review of RAP working document

Nov: First Nations Australians Champions Workshops developed to address cross cultural perspectives, histories, embedded curriculum; Living Deadly Mob Yarn Family BBQ and introduce Brack-n-Deadly Recognising Success Program ready for launch 2023. – ready for delivery in 2023​

Last reviewed 10 November 2022
Last updated 10 November 2022