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Parent teacher communication

The school newsletter

Parents and the community are given an insight into the day to day operations of the school through our school newsletter, Bracken Ridge Matters, published on a fortnightly basis. Available electronically through our website, printed copies are also available from the school office.

Email addresses

Be informed of any late events and issues via email. Please ensure the school has your most up to date email address by contacting the school office any time there is a change.

Parent-teacher interviews

The school holds two formal interview events during the year where teachers and parents have the opportunity to meet each other and discuss a student’s progress and individual needs. The first occasion is in line with the issue of Term One Reports and the second takes place early Term Three after Semester One Reports have been issued. However, a parent need not wait until these formal events to have an interview with staff - any mutually convenient time can be arranged. Please do not hesitate to make contact with the school as soon as you feel there is a need.

Special events

There are a range of events during the school year that provides an opportunity for staff and parents to come together. These might include topic specific information sessions, showcase events, and meet & greets. Events are advertised through the newsletter and published on the school calendar.


Interim Reports are issued to parents early Term 2.  Additionally a Parent/Teacher/Student Interview Evening is scheduled early Term 2 to provide an opportunity to discuss student progress.

Semester Reports are issued for Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 and at the end of Semester 1 for Year 12.  The report will indicate to parents the period which the report covers, the subjects being studied and the current level of achievement for each subject. 

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is the qualification Year 12 students’ work towards by successfully completing their courses of study. The QCE (if eligible) as well as a Senior Statement will be issued to students by the Queensland Studies Authority at the end of Year 12.